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Attempted coup fails to topple Middlesbrough mayor while....

..... Wirral, Bradford, Stoke-on-Trent, Warwickshire and Brighton face up to budget cuts and Leicestershire seeks EU money to boost smaller firms while Gloucester launches £135m redevelopment plan in partnership with Gloucestershire and London Borough of Sutton buys charities HQ in Oxford and Scottish Borders launch plan for 1,200 affordable homes while Unionist councillors in Armagh vote "NO" to parking machines accepting Euro coins

Sussex NHS cut travel related carbon and costs

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust has cut its transport carbon emissions by nearly a fifth through methods including tracking its mileage and helping its employees to plan patient visits more efficiently.

Peterborough, Hartlepool and Cambridgeshire agree devolution deals as Lincolnshire, Suffolk and Norfolk deals falls through

Health and Social Care integration - the dream that's expiring.

Will Brexit and yet more austerity stop us turning the transformation vision into reality

Theresa May supports greater Bristol devolution while...

Sharing health and social care records, that's where technology and STPs can make a difference says NHS

Connected Care Programme to support and sustain technology enabled care

Boilerhouse to re-launch ADASS Care Apps Showcase & Conference as online platform and year round care apps programme

Manchester chief executive Sir Howard Bernstein stands down as ...

Leeds is receiving £1m from NHS England to turn the Leeds Care Record into Ripple

Focus on staff engagement to drive service user take up of digital social care

ADASS Care Apps Showcase comes to Birmingham in 2016

Steve Carvell head of health and social care at CommonTime in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

Head of health at Samsung says diplomacy in managing collaborations is their most important skill set

Why the time is now for 3D printing in the medical world: Part 1

'What’s App Doc?’ The use of mobile health apps in primary care